Sunshine Products is a family owned business operating since 1979. The company's goal from the start has been to create safe, all natural, and non-abrasive jewelry cleaning products and accessories. We have been selling our all natural products for over thirty years-well before the "green" revolution became so popular. Early on we recognized the damage that toxic and caustic chemicals could do to your valuable jewelry as well as your personal health. We continually strive to improve our product for both the safety and peace of mind of our customers if it all natural cleaner and you are looking for it online, look no further. We offer the absolute BEST in pricing and product versatility found ANYWHERE on the web. Whether you are buying $10,000 worth of our products or $20, you will be treated with the same courteous, prompt, and professional service available. Thirty-one years. One focused product. Only the Best Sunshine Products of Ohio

Our contact information

By email:
Business email address

By standard mail:
Sunshine Of Ohio
760 warehouse rd. #0
Toledo, OH. 43615

By phone:
303-478-4913 9am to 5pm (eastern time)Mon.-Fri.

Shipping Information:

Orders will be shipped out within 48 hours of receiving the order. We ship out USPS priority mail or UPS depending on the size of your order.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: You can return your Sunshine Product within ten days. Sunshine Products will not assume any shipping fees. The Shipping cost must be paid in full by the individual returning the item. You must ship back your item in the original packaging with the seal still intact. We will be happy to figure out a solution to any problem that occurs. We can either refund your money or send you a new product or replacement. Your business is extremely important to us, so we will gladly take care of any dispute or dissatisfaction with our products. Full refunds can only be given if the product is shipped back to Sunshine of Ohio within ten business days. Order cancellations must be done as soon as possible! Sunshine of Ohio cannot be responsible for cancelled orders after they have been put into transit. We focus on being prompt and professional with every order. Very rarely does it take any longer than 24 hours before the package is shipped out.


Q.) Is it really safe to use Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner on pearls?

A.) Yes. Sunshine Professional Jewelry Cleaner was created for use in cleaning all semi-precious and precious stones including the more porous stones such as opals, turquoise, and pearls.

Q.) What types of metal can i use the tarnish remover/polishing cream on? In addition, is there any metal that i cannot use it on?

A.) Silver, gold (yellow, white, and rose), bronze, copper, brass, sterling silver, silver plate, platinum, paladium, stainless steel, and many more! It is safe to use on all metals.

Q.) When i use your tarnish remover/polishing cream on my yellow gold i seem to get off a lot of tarnish on the rag i am using. I always thought that gold did not tarnish?

A.) That is an interesting point. 24k gold does not and will not tarnish. However, jewelry is rarely made with 24k gold because it is so soft it can just break apart. It is the alloys in the gold that tarnish.
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